Satguru Baba Kehar Singh Ji had answered questions of devotees & seekers (seeking guidance on the spiritual path and those with worldly problems). These replies covering topics of Simran, the cycle of Birth and Death, the necessity for a Guru, and how to manifest the Word-Form of the Guru within etc has been complied in the form of two books: Questions & Answers –I   and   Questions & Answers –II.



Q:  What is the importance of Satsang?

A:  In Satsang we come to know about the coverings of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego on our soul. We try to remove these and become one with Him. As Heer said, uttering Ranjha-Ranjha I have become Ranjha. Call me Dhidho Ranjha, not Heer. She had only worldly love yet she was absorbed in that. Having Spiritual love we can be changed into the Spiritual Form. We can know this through Satsang where our doubts are cleared. Satsang defends our meditation. Through Satsang we can know the True Path leading to the Almighty, and know our inner self.


Q: I have heard that one should lovingly do Simran and Meditation. Is it still useful if it is just a routine and not lovingly done?

A:  Simran and Meditation may be done lovingly or as a routine; it is useful as it saves the person from bad company for the period he sits for meditation. Dusting will clean the table – whether it is done sincerely or not. In case it is not properly done, maybe a little dust will be left. Simran and Meditation must clean our inner self. If it is done, everything is okay. If we meditate sincerely we get into a ‘natural state’. Not doing it sincerely, we stay absorbed in the outward thoughts, and it will not be helpful.


Q:  What is the meaning of the Blessed Words given at Nam Dan?

A:  There are five stages in us: Sahansdal Kanwal, Trikuti, Daswan Dwar, Bhanwargupha and Sach Khand.

The Five Names are the names of the Lords of each region. To concentrate, it is a must to repeat some name like Ram, Vahiguru, Satnam, Allah, etc., etc. To stop the diversions of the mind, it is compulsory to repeat the Holy Names blessed by the Guru. Ram-Ram, Hare-Hare, Vahiguru, Satnam, Allah, etc., are words that have been repeated for a long time, however, the true words for repetition are the words blessed by the Guru. If seeds of the Peepal and Banyan Trees are sown they never grow into a tree; however, if a bird eats the seed and excretes it, it takes root and grows into a big tree. A word uttered by the Guru is useful. Nam is the Power that created Khand-Brahmand, suns, moons, etc., etc. The Guru connects us with that Nam or Sound. By focusing on that, we reach the Nameless Region.


Q: How one should live in the world?

A: The world is like a horse yoked to a buggy, pulling a cart. The rider is lashing it and it runs faster. Still the rider continues lashing the horse. Without showing any anger it keeps running. The rider has covered its eyes and the horse can see directly ahead only. It is done in order that the horse does not turn to another horse on its right or left, but keeps going straight. A human being is like a horse that does not need to think about the moment to moment things, because he is passing through them. A wise man thinks about the future also. Like this, being the leader of a family, we are driving it ahead. If stopping at one place we start quarrelling, we cannot precede further. Everything has happened according to His Will and will happen according to His Will. Therefore do not worry. In case a member of our family has met with an accident and broken his leg; we are sad and cry instead of being thankful to God for saving his life.


Q: When I sit for meditation my lower legs are senseless and very painful. Should I get up and sit again or tolerate the pain?

A: As explained during Nam Dan, a person should sit with cross legs with his hands on the knees. When the course of Simran is complete, we start concentrating. At that moment, sometimes the legs, sometimes the thighs, sometimes the back, and sometimes the head, starts giving you pain. Son, Kal is a big power and he does not want anyone to pay attention to God; so the pains are there. With the help of your meditation, if you attain the Form of the Master, everything will be okay. When you see Guru’s Form and start gazing at it, the lower portion of the body becomes senseless and you do not feel any pain. Getting up during meditation and changing position should not be done at all. Until we are disconnected from the outer world and linked inside, the pains are there. Without longing, one does not see the Form of the Guru. When you see Guru’s Form inside yourself, you will find all your difficulties are over. However, try to continue and not leave your seat.


Q: I cannot concentrate, and do not feel like sitting for meditation. What should I do?

A: To enjoy clarified butter (ghee) you have to put in effort. First we are to buy milk, then boil it; add some yogurt to change it into yogurt, then churn it to get butter. Heating the butter we get clear butter. To get clear butter (ghee) we had to put in so much effort. Like this we are to separate our mind from the evil tendencies and attach it to God. To be successful we are to follow the method as shown by the Guru.


Q: What is meant by “Living Death”?

A: “Living Death” means that we reach the place, while living, that we are to go after death. The body below the eyes is called Pind (Physical Plane) by the Mahatmas. Leaving Pind, the soul should go into And (Astral Plane) and Brahmand (Causal Plane), where we are to go after death. Seeing that place the soul comes back into the body. This is called a “Living Death”. Guru Granth Sahib says about this:

O’ Nanak, remain dead while still alive: practice such a Yoga!  Adi Granth 730

But if he remains dead while yet alive, then by so dying, he truly lives; thus, he attains liberation.  Adi Granth 550

One who remains dead while yet alive is liberated, and merges in the True Name.  Adi Granth 1067


Q:What should be the ideal life of a Satsangi, so that he may not have to take rebirth?

A: Anyone studying in college should work hard so that he passes the first year. He should not keep the second or third year in mind. We are to attain the Third Eye through Simran and Meditation to unite with God. We can get merged in Him by our hard work and courage. We should lead the life of a worthy person. Our Guru will help us if we keep our inner self clean.


Q:  If someone touches feet of Master out of love, or runs after him to have Darshan, is this against Sant Mat?

 A: Doing such things we want to show we love our Guru. A person who meditates has Darshan of the Satguru while sitting alone, or passing by the side of Satguru. Guru’s feet are in the Tenth Gate. Guru never stops a person from having his Darshan inside and saluting him.


Q:Why shouldn’t one disclose his inner experiences; and why do the Inner Blessings stop after disclosing them?

A: According to the Saints, Inner Experiences should not be disclosed. If the liver is weak, food is not digested. Disclosing the secrets mean not digesting Guru’s love inside. As a lady does not disclose her husband’s love to anybody, one should not disclose his inner experiences to anyone. When water is running into a tank, but the taps (outlets) are open, water cannot be stored in it. Like this, if we disclose our Inner Blessings, Guru’s Grace cannot be stored.


Q: Why is it necessary to adopt a Living Master?

A: We follow Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Sahib says:

O’ Nanak, meditating on the Lord of Eternal Life, the status of immortality is obtained.  Adi Granth 1247

Guru Granth Sahib agrees that after receiving Nam from a Living Master we can unite with God. All the hurdles on the inner path can be removed with Guru’s help.  


Q: Should Simran be stopped when the Shabad is clearly heard?

A: Do not pay attention to Simran when you start hearing the Shabad. We do Simran to hear the Shabad. Hearing the Shabad we are disconnected from the outside world.


Q: Tulsi Sahib says, a Sound is coming to take you with it. Why don’t we hear that?

A: Surat (Capability of Soul to hear) and Nirat (Capability of Soul to See) are two powers of the soul. Nirat decides the direction of the sound. Due to weakness of Nirat we do not clearly hear the Sound. Simran and Meditation can make it strong. All the sounds referred to in Santmat are in us, but they are not heard. The Spiritual Sound is coming from the Nameless Region, but we are attached to the outside world and do not reach the place where the Sound is heard; that is why we do not hear that Sound. We hear this Sound through Simran and Meditation.


Q: When do we hear the Shabad?

A: Shabad is always there in a being. When we sit for Meditation, the power of Shabad pulls our soul inward. When we reach Sahansdal Kanwal we start hearing a Sweet Sound. Hunters play a sound to attract deer. Pulled by that sound the deer comes running and puts his head in the hunter’s lap and closes his eyes. The same is the condition of our soul. Only through Meditation can we know from where the journey begins, and where it ends.

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