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Guru Dispeller of Darkness  by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

First half of the book contains the history of Radha Soami Gurus of Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran. Second half contains some of the discourses delivered by His Holiness Baba Kehar Singh Ji, at different time and places.


I found the Path  by K.L. Stambler

This is a story of an American Satsangi, his experiences along the way, and his continuing journey on the Radha Soami Path to God realization. It illustrates simply the many struggles we all go through in life and the challenges we must meet in order to discover the self and ultimately union with God.


Keeta Pasao Eko Kwao (Satsang Japji Sahib)      by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

In this book His Holiness Baba Kehar Singh Ji has tried to explain the first chapter of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This opening chapter tells that Lord God has been true from the very beginning of the world. He is always true. No one can refuse His existence. No one can describe Him. If a person attains His Nam, he forever gets rid of coming and going to this world which in true sense is MUKTI (salvation). His Nam is a biggest support for beings.


Questions & Answers  by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

The book contains the answers of His Holiness Baba Kehar Singh Ji to questions on worldly and spiritual problems of Satsangis and seekers received through letters and asked by them sitting face to face. Baba Ji has given profound and esoteric answers which a God man can give. It is a treasurer for the seekers of Santmat.


Questions & Answers Part2  by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

This book is an appendix to the book – Questions & Answers by Baba Kehar Singh Ji.


Take the Treasure of Nam  by Baba Pratap Singh Ji

Baba Pratap Singh Ji based this spiritual discourse on the words of Guru Ram Das Ji, the fourth Sikh Guru. Guru Ram Das Ji tells us to make use of our human birth, and serve its primary purpose. To accomplish this we must get initiation from a True Master; attend his spiritual discourse regularly, and meditate per the Master’s guidance which will make it possible for us to vacate the lower nine doors and enter the tenth gate and begin our journey towards the Lord’s abode, our true home.


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