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"Humility is the word, forgiveness is the virtue, and sweet speech is the magic Mantra.
Wear these three robes, O sister, and you will captivate your Husband Lord."
-- By Fareed Sahib Ji

Philosophy of Radha Soami

Radha Soami Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran is a spiritual organization which rests on the teachings of Surat Shabd Yoga. Radha Soami Santmat is devoted to help people seeking spiritual growth under the supervision of a Living Spiritual Master (Satguru).

Radha Soami is not the name of a man or a woman. Many of the Saints have called the Lord by the name of “Soami” and Soami Ji Maharaj has given the name Radha to Surat (Consciousness). Thus “Radha Soami” is the name of the Nameless Totality of Consciousness called God. It is also the greeting that the initiates use – and in that sense it means “The Lord of my Soul, bows to the Lord of your Soul.

Radha Soami Philosophy is to take up whatever duties or Dharma God has blessed us with – facing the good and the so-called bad. Everything is a karmic reaction which we have to face. While performing the worldly duties Radha Soami guides us to a way of realizing God within us thereby attaining inner peace and contentment.

The philosophy of Radha Soami Santmat or the teachings of the Saints shows us the path to spiritual development. A few points are noted below :

  • Complete vegetarian diet and abstinence from intoxicants. No meat, eggs, fish, chicken or anything containing them.

  • No alcohol, or mind-expanding drugs.

  • We are accountable to every act, in the court of the Negative Power that rules this world.

  • We should take the lowest form of life, which are plant based. There is now a huge market that is offering meatless products that taste like meat but are not.

  • Disciples should not be a burden on society and must live on their own earnings. They must lead an honest lifestyle in business and all dealing.

  • There should be loyality in every relationship and one should learn to live in a spirit of Seva.

  • The practice of daily meditation: At the time of initiation the disciples are taught the method of meditation (Surat Shabd Yoga). Disciple must practice it daily to achieve spiritual growth & finally God realization. We are to give 1/10th of our time or 2 ½ hours daily to meditation. However, at first it takes time to work up to. Along with that, the Five Holy Names we are given at initiation are secret and are for our protection – so we learn to repeat whenever the mind is free from work.

  • It is most important to attend Satsang as often as possible, as without knowledge, following this Path is very difficult. Knowledge means understanding what the Path to God entails and how to walk it!

  • Seva is also recommended – as it slowly frees the mind of the huge entanglements of family, country, etc. Seva is of three kinds: Seva with body (serving the ill, taking care of cleanliness, helping the poor and needy etc), Seva with Mind (activities to increase awareness in society by writing books, teaching or anything where we use our mind in service of the Master) and Spiritual or Soul-Seva (this is our meditation). If we do it diligently, it turns into something there are no words to describe.

  • Circular From Head Office

    Baba Paramjit Singh Ji will be starting the foreign tour from June 2023. Details of the foreign tour can be found on the foreign calendar page .

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