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Baba Kehar Singh ji was born on Dec 26, 1926 in village Chandian Talawa, Distt. Layallpur, in pre-partition India (this village and distt. are now in Pakistan). His father was Baba Partap Singh ji (the preceding Satguru) and his mother was Mata Thakar Kaur ji. Baba Kehar Singh ji was initiated by Baba Bagga Singh ji on May 18, 1943. After Baba Partap Singh ji left this world, Baba Kehar Singh ji was selected the next Sant Satguru according to the ‘Will’ of Baba Partap Singh ji and with the blessings of Maharaj Charan Singh ji (the Satguru of Dera Beas at that time). The managing committee of Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran performed the ceremony of “Guru Gaddi” on May 12, 1988.

Baba Kehar Singh Ji started blessing people with initiation on May 12th 1991. Baba Ji worked unceasingly for the Spiritual upliftment of the sangat and improvement of the Dera. Under Baba Kehar Singh Ji’s guidance, the Dera made great progress. Additional land and houses adjoining the Dera were purchased and renovated. He established Satsang Centers at several places in India.

Baba Kehar Singh Ji, conveyed the message of love and said, “God is the embodiment of love. If you want to please your Satguru and realize God you must love your family, your spouse, children, brothers, sisters, parents and the people around you”. He came in this world to spread love and benevolence. He said that to realize God three things are a must – Guru, Knowledge and Meditation (Guru, Gyan and Dhyan). He showered enormous love, and blessed thousands of people with Naam. On 31st December 2015, Baba Kehar Singh Ji left this perishable world and returned to his eternal abode.

Radha Soami Tarn Taran

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