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Satsang or spiritual discourse is an essential component of Santmat as it provides a guideline and reminder to the seeker about the basics of Santmat. It brings positivism and awareness about the motto of human birth helping the union of soul with the Divine.

Keeping the interest of spiritual seekers in mind, Radha Soami Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran holds daily satsang. Moreover, weekly satsangs (mostly on Sunday) are held at regional centers throughout India. Everyone is free to attend these spiritual discourses irrespective of their age, gender or class.

These spiritual activities help the people to keep themselves engaged in divine centered thoughts and actions and remain focused on the path of Santmat. They help to cleanse the thought process and motivate the seeker to lead a positive and meaningful life. Thus for the well-being of His people, the present Master of the Dera Huzur Maharaj Paramjeet Singh ji delivers satsang in spiritual congregations at various centers from time to time. His purifying sermons uplift the people and sanctify their thoughts. It strengthens our faith and belief in the Supreme. It helps us open our inner doors to focus on the real purpose of human birth. It is a wake-up call to the people of all ages to daily spend some time communing with our inner Master. Satsang is the most effective way of purifying mind, providing the right environment to detach oneself from Maya and attain self realization.

This spiritual discourse helps to inculcate love and obedience towards the Almighty. It moulds our attitude, develops patience and helps us to be calm and composed in day to day worldly ups and downs. The present Master in all his discourses reminds us that this is not our true home and we are here not for worldly enjoyment but to make direct contact with the Divine through a living Master. Huzur's satsangs generate powerful, sanctifying vibrations which help in uplifting the common man.

Radha Soami Tarn Taran

Address - Radha Soami Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Railway Road, Tarn Taran - 143401 Punjab, INDIA.

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