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Books have always been best friends of every being. Spiritual books help us to nourish our mind and soul and feel connected with the Supreme Power. It gives peace amidst worldly chaos and obstacles.

The Dera has an extensive range of spiritual books for seekers which focus on pillars of kidness, love, humanity, selfless service as they are the essentials of Santmat. There are various books by the present Master and previous Guru's which are life transforming in different ways. These spiritual awakening books have a miraculous power to heal and repair. These books help the reader to realize and achieve the Divine aim of human birth. They make the seeker full of life, humbleness , positivity and open up the doors of knowledge to a whole new level. The teachings of the Masters as mentioned in the books define the value of human birth and the cause of human sufferings. Huzur Paramjeet Singh ji in all his sermons and literature emphasizes on the theory of karma.

The literature provided by the Dera helps the reader to feel one with the Supreme Power. Thus they help in re-formation of our human soul by infusing a new mindset and outlook giving a meaning to our human form. The deep and profound spiritual knowledge proves to be a good feed for the human soul. They help eliminate negativity and befriend us to the truth of life.

These books can be purchased online from our Books Page or are available offline at Our Regional Centers and at The Dera .

Radha Soami Tarn Taran

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