Spiritual Activities

Satsangs (Spiritual Discourses)

Satsang is one of the foundations of Sant Mat and an essential part of a seeker’s spiritual life. Satsangs are held twice daily at the Dera (Morning & evening). At the other regional centres in India, Satsangs are held weekly (on Sundays). In addition, present Master Baba Paramjeet Singh Ji also delivers Satsangs throughout India (refer Satsang Schedule/ Calender). All devotees are advised to attend satsangs regularly for their spiritual benefit. Satsangs are open to all irrespective of sect or religion.


Initiation (“Naam Daan”)

The main purpose of a Living Master is to liberate his marked souls from this world. Satugurus come to this world for this one purpose only. They move around the world, gather their disciples, put them on the right path of God realization. Devotees are initiated at various Centers only to meet this end. During initiation devotees are taught the Surat Shabad Yoga method of meditation which they have to practice to realize the presence of God within themselves. It is a solitary practice that is done in one’s own home. Members commit themselves to a way of life that supports spiritual growth while carrying out their responsibilities to family, friends and society.


Foreign Visits

To quench the spiritual thirst of his devotees living abroad, the Master visits UK, France, USA and Canada every year. The Master has also visited Holland, Germany, Greece, Norway and Spain. Here discourses on Sant Mat are delivered by the Master. The Master answers individual spiritual difficulties and advices to assist in their progress on the inner journey. Deserving devotees are also initiated.


Books on Sant Mat

Satguru Baba Kehar Singh ji was a great poet and a philosopher. His poems and Satsangs have been printed in books which are available in Punjabi, Hindi and English. Of these, most demanding are ANURAG SAGAR (Interpretation of Kabir Sahib’s Anurag Sagar) and Ghat Ramayan (Interpretation of Tulsi Sahib’s Ghat Ramayan) which serve the very purpose of spiritual seeker in inner jouney.

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