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Anurag Sagar I  by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

This book of Kabir Sahib explains the secrets of Santmat, rarely found in other books. Kabir Sahib has explained – how the creation took place, what is the role of Kal (God of death) and Dayal (Guru), what is the purpose of human life, how to realize God and the role of guru in our life.  



Anurag Sagar II  by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

Kal has trapped the beings in his net and keeps on providing the things they want, so that they do not think of any other way. Kal has control over all the god and goddesses. They all obey his orders to misguide the beings. Some rare persons like the queen Indermati has the desire to realize God and goes in search of Perfect Master to achieve salvation.



Anurag Sagar III  by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

This book of Kabir Sahib explains the secrets of Santmat, rarely found in other books. In this book Kabir Sahib has insisted on vegetarian diet because eating meat and drinking liquor is a big sin which is very difficult to pay back. Sheikh Taki out of jealousy tried to kill Kabir Sahib but he could not succeed and at the end he had to surrender to the true power of Kabir Sahib. Kal can never over power Perfect Saints rather he has to clear their way.



Before and After Initiation  by Prof. Vinod Chauhan

This book narrates the personal experience of the author. What was she before initiation, what was her attitude towards the guru and what a positive change she felt in her after initiation and how guru plays his role to catch his listed soul.


Contemplate on the Guru  by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

We have to adopt a Guru to contemplate. He is the only saver who helps us to reach our Ultimate Home. We have to control the mind to progress on the spiritual path. That too is possible with the Guru’s help. So attain Nam from Him and love him increasingly day by day.


Ghat Ramayan  by Baba Kehar Singh Ji

It is a dialogue between Tulsi Sahib and Palak Ram, a follower of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s path. Tulsi Sahib explained him that we need a Perfect Master who guides and leads us on the spiritual path. We need to be initiated to come out of Kal’s net.


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